Best Anavar Stacks

best Anavar stacks

Anavar stacks are something most bodybuilders go to. Anavar itself is a highly desirable anabolic steroid because of its potent ability to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle, combined with other steroids it promotes even greater anabolic properties. Its mild nature in terms of side effects makes it almost perfect, and it is well-tolerated by both genders. These benefits are why Anavar is still approved by the FDA for medical use today. While Anavar can produce amazing results on its own, it can also be combined with other anabolic steroids for even better results.

What is Anavar?

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is a unique oral anabolic steroid that has been used in the medical field for over 30 years to treat catabolic disorders. It was first synthesized in 1962 and has exceptional oral bioavailability, meaning it can be taken orally, and it resists liver metabolism. Anavar does not get converted into estrogen-like testosterone, making it stand out among other steroids.

The primary function of Anavar is to combat frailty and the loss of muscle mass caused by aging and other catabolic disorders such as HIV-related muscle wasting, severe burns, surgery trauma, and hepatitis. Anavar offers various advantages, such as decreasing visceral and overall body fat, enhancing protein synthesis in skeletal muscles, boosting dietary energy and protein intake, increasing nitrogen retention, improving muscle function, promoting growth and strength, and raising the physical activity level. It can also act as a substitute for the natural loss of androgen and estrogen hormones in the body.

Anavar stacks

Anavar Stacks

Anavar + Testosterone Stack

Testosterone and Anavar are both well-tolerated anabolic steroids, making them a complementary stack with comfortable side effects for most users when taken in moderate dosages.

Testosterone is an FDA-approved medicine, indicating its safety when prescribed by medical experts. It can aid in subcutaneous fat loss, while significantly increasing muscle hypertrophy and strength. In moderate dosages, this stack can result in muscle gains of about 25-30 lbs for novice users.

Testosterone is primarily considered a bulking steroid due to its potent mass-building properties, making it a strong off-season compound with a favorable risk-to-reward ratio. However, it does aromatize, causing temporary water weight gain during a cycle. This may counteract Anavar’s diuretic effects, making this stack unsuitable for those seeking a dry and ripped physique.

Testosterone is mainly an injectable steroid, while Anavar is taken orally. If needle avoidance is preferred, another stack may be more appropriate. Women should avoid this stack as adding testosterone may cause virilization.


Example of a 7-week cycle.

Anavar + Trenbolone Stack

During cutting cycles, Anavar and Trenbolone are occasionally stacked together, despite being very different anabolic steroids. Anavar is a mild oral steroid that beginners can use, while Trenbolone is a highly toxic injectable steroid suitable only for advanced users.

It is worth noting that Trenbolone is significantly more potent compared to other performance-enhancing drugs that have similar impacts on body composition, including the development of lean muscle mass, reduction of fat, and diuretic effects. Thus, stacking it with Anavar will yield superior results, but at the expense of losing some of Anavar’s side-effect-friendly nature. Trenbolone can cause a significant increase in LDL cholesterol levels and impair the HPTA (Hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis), leading to a shutdown of natural testosterone production.


Example of the 8-week cycle.

Anavar + Dbol Stack

At first glance, it may seem odd to combine Anavar, a cutting steroid that reduces body fat, with Dbol, a bulking steroid that causes water retention and can lead to visceral fat storage.

However, this combination actually makes for an effective bulking stack. Dbol is relied upon for mass building, while Anavar helps to control fat gains and combat bloating and puffiness caused by excess extracellular fluid.

This leads to a more aesthetically pleasing bulking experience, although it does come with some downsides, such as further elevations in LDL cholesterol, liver toxicity, and testosterone suppression.

Since both compounds are oral, this cycle is convenient for those who prefer to avoid needles. Also because of this adding some form of liver protection is a must for this cycle.


Example of a 6-week cycle.

Anavar + Winstrol Stack

This is perhaps the most powerful cutting stack that a bodybuilder can use. While Winstrol has effects on body composition that are similar to those of Anavar (namely, it is a potent fat burner and muscle builder), Winstrol is generally considered to be the more powerful of the two compounds.

When taken alone, Winstrol will typically produce more pronounced results than Anavar, but it will also come with more severe side effects. Unlike Anavar, Winstrol does not aromatize, so it will lead to greater vascularity, as well as muscle definition and striations. Both compounds work to reduce extracellular water retention (the fluid that collects between the skin and muscle), which helps to create a more shredded and ripped appearance.

While users typically take either Anavar or Winstrol on their own, combining the two can help to produce an extremely dry and ripped physique, while still maintaining full muscle bellies.

However, this stack comes with a downside: it can cause significant fluctuations in LDL/HDL cholesterol and AST/ALT liver enzymes. While Anavar taken on its own is considered a mild cycle, when taken alongside Winstrol, it creates a much harsher environment for the body, particularly in terms of hepatic and cardiac health.


Example of a 6-week cycle.

Anavar + Turinabol Stack

Out of all the steroid combinations discussed in this article, the cycle that combines Anavar and Turinabol is likely the mildest and least likely to cause side effects. While all androgens have negative impacts on blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides, the effects of Anavar and Turinabol are relatively mild compared to other more potent anabolic steroids. Dosing Anavar at 40mg and Turinabol at 40mg for no longer than 4 to 6 weeks will provide sufficient anabolism without overdoing it and causing adverse side effects.


Example of a 4-week cycle.


Anavar is a versatile steroid that is well-tolerated and has numerous medical benefits. When combined with other steroids, Anavar can yield even better results. The Anavar and Testosterone stack is suitable for those seeking a moderate increase in muscle mass, while the Anavar and Trenbolone stack is for advanced users who want superior results, despite the risks. Anavar and Dianabol make for an effective bulking stack, while Anavar and Winstrol are the most powerful cutting stack. Depending on your experience and goals choosing the right stack will be challenging, however, you just can’t go wrong with Anavar.